Jamestown, ND leading the Charge

Energy Hunters Inc crew working through North Dakota’s winter (-26F)

2022 was a busy year for Energy Hunters with new development sites underway. The electric vehicle (EV) market is rapidly expanding, with many automakers committing to transitioning their entire fleet to electric power in the coming years. While the shift to EVs offers numerous environmental and economic benefits, it also presents challenges and opportunities.

One major challenge facing the EV market is the issue of range anxiety, the fear that your car will not have enough charge to reach your destination. While newer EVs have significantly longer ranges than their predecessors, many consumers are still hesitant to make the switch. To address this issue, governments are investing in expanding charging infrastructure in rural and urban areas in the US. This development plan will help alleviate range anxiety.

Developing charging infrastructure in remote areas can be a particularly challenging task. The team at Energy Hunters worked through numerous challenges including subzero temperatures to develop the first universal EV DC Fast charging station in Jamestown, North Dakota. Energy Hunters efforts highlight the importance of investing in charging infrastructure in all towns and cities, not just in major cities.

The manufacturing, sales, and service of EVs will create new employment opportunities, and generate economic development locally just like in Jamestown, North Dakota.

The Jamestown, ND EV Fast Charging Station is expected to start operations later in 2023. Learn more how Energy Hunters is developing clean energy EV charging infrastructure across the US.