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Our mission is to enable and transform all existing US legacy fueling infrastructure. We want to continue to fuel new adventures and unforgettable memories as new generations continue to explore the American continent. Have the freedom to travel wherever you want!

The New Fuels Are Here

Move forward with Energy Hunters in this new automobile revolution

Onsite Generation

Onsite Generation

Provides resilience and can offset part of the energy consumption during the day

Optimal Renewable Supply

Optimal Renewable Supply

Optimal renewable energy supply regionally allows us to supply the most optimal mix

24/7 Reliability & Usage

24/7 Reliability & Usage

Our unique supply ensures availability of fuel when clients need it without interruption

Charging Stations Comparison

Level 2 Charging Stations can fuel up to 20 miles in 30 minutes

DC Fast Charging can fuel up to 120 miles in 30 minutes

*Percentages shown above are based on the average Battery power electric vehicle2019 & 2020 models for all brands rated by the EPA.

Plug-In-Hybrids (PIH) vehicles can fuel much faster and add greater range of traveling by charging their batteries at one of our stations.

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