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Charging Solution
for EVeryone

Lowering Carbon Footprint with
Every Charge

Energy Hunters is more than making a network of EV charging stations – we are focused on reducing our carbon emissions by making renewable energy solutions accessible to all our stakeholders.

Learn more about OUR commitment to electrification and clean renewable energy.

Sustainable Energy
Solutions for Maximum

Energy Hunters uses clean renewable energy to power our EV chargers and charging stations, giving you, our partners, access to incentives, rebates, and tax credits. You can also enjoy exclusive revenue sharing that fits your preference. 

Partner with us and help us connect you to a vast network of EV charging stations. Learn more about how Energy Hunters can support you and your customers.

Fast and Reliable
EV Charging Experience

Never worry about range and charge anxiety. Experience fast and reliable charging with an easy-to-use interface anywhere and everywhere with Energy Hunters’ wide network of EV charging stations. Just park your car in one of our EV charging slots, plugin, charge, and let us do the rest.

EV News
and Industry Insights

Learn just about anything when it comes to electric cars, EV charging technology, renewable energy, EV news, and industry insights.