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The best way to predict the future is to create it

Create the future of the automobile industry with us by becoming part of our growing network of charging stations across America

An expanding network

An expanding network

We are working to connect all major US Interstate highways, country roads to connect from big cities to small towns in America. Our mission is to develop an independent and open source charging network that everyone can have access to and have the opportunity to travel the American continent with out compromise.
Multilayer supply approach

Multilayer supply approach

We work at a national and regional level to provide the most optimal renewable energy supply. We design and develop software and hardware for our network stations to connect with distributed generation of renewable energy supply with battery, hydrogen, and other energy storage technologies.

Our Core Solution


We understand that it took years to establish your gas station. We can help you continue serve your community with flexibility

payment management

We integrate all payment methods Credit Cards/Debit cards and new emerging ones so you never miss out


Have fully automated charging stations of your own site(s) while securing new revenue opportunities with us

unique development

We optimize your site and power supply using all local and regional generation and support with our national network

Why partner with us?

Energy Hunters was created to harness the power of the sun and wind while creating lasting value for our customers. We care about the environment and being able to support the communities we work in. We supply renewable energy to our member stations sourced locally, regionally ,and at the national level.

We are a rising company with aspiration to help our clients and help them transition to the electricity industry and beyond. We are technology agnostic and are constantly improving our unique supply process to better serve our member stations. Let us help you in this transformation.

We provide a data driven approach to solve problems and improve continuously our service while you keep the full autonomy of your site.

Site full autonomy

Data driven approach

Be a leader with our
renewables supply program

We create new opportunities
and posibbilities for you to grow