Installation of EV charging stations can get complicated without the right partner. Energy Hunters has strong experience in energy markets, renewable energy, and the development of DC Fast charging stations.



The United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts that EV sales could reach 7 Million by 2025. With the increase in Americans buying electric vehicles, so is the increase in the demand for fast, reliable, and accessible EV chargers. The EV Charging market is forecasted to have a CAGR of over 27% from 2020-2025, and to continuously grow as more vehicle manufacturers have committed to electrification. 

Enjoy great benefits when you join Energy Hunters’ network of charging stations. We make permitting, installation, operation, and maintenance easier for you while saving on costs and attracting more customers.

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Easy Installation
Set-up, and maintenance

Energy Hunters’ end-to-end development solution makes the breeze. Our team of experts will guide and help you, from the execution and development to the operation and maintenance of your EV charging stations. 

Save The planet
while saving on cost

With Energy Hunters, you are not only saving on upfront costs with integrated payment options but also saving on costs by using renewable energy. We optimize the energy supply from a diverse mix of the power grid and renewable energy. 

Bring customer back

Most EV owners charge at home when electricity cost is low, and “tap-up” in commercial establishments during the day to save on cost. Not with Energy Hunters. Use daytime energy sur plus as your source of electricity, making your rates more affor dable than other charging stations. Attract customers to charge during the day, increasing charger utilization and foot traffic. 

We Share the revenue

Increase visibility and foot traffic to your locations. With Energy Hunters, you are not only increasing your revenue from sales, but we also share with you the revenue from charging. 

It's a triple Win,
For You,
Your customers,
and the planet!

Fast Chargers

We offer Level 2 and Level 3 chargers to meet your customers’ needs. 


With Level 2 chargers, your customer can get a range of about 30 miles with an hour of charging, depending on the charger output. Level 2 chargers are ideal for customers who want to park their cars and run errands, eat, or will have to stay for longer periods. 


Level 3 chargers are for your on-the-go, quick-stop customers. They can give your customers enough range in as little as 15 minutes of charging time. 

Chargers that
promote you

We offer sleek, minimal, and easy-to-use chargers that look great in parking lots of commercial, gas stations, and multi-family residential establishments. You can also opt for chargers with advertisement screens to promote products, increase merchant sales, and in crease your revenue as owners.


Earn incentives while reaching your sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals as Energy Hunters use renewable energy to supply the electricity in all our charging stations. This means you can enjoy various benefits of using clean energy such as tax credits, exemptions, and rebates.