Yet realize that eating a little more than this will not induce brought in fatty tissue storage as long as your complete calories match your objective for weight gain, loss or maintenance. The most effective method to prevent heart problem is to streamline your diet. Hitting your goal for the day is one of the [...]

Fundies always like to compare homosexuality to murder, bestiality, lying or stealing. Why not try comparing it to something it matches? Left-handedness is virtually a perfect match. Being left-handed occurs with about the same frequency as homosexuality. There is also a range for the preference, from pure left handed to ambidextrous to pure right handed. [...]

A small company based in New Jersey has upped the ante in the high stakes game of fusion by claiming that it is significantly closer to the goal than the other three companies, including giant Lockheed Martin. Lawrenceville Plasma Physics states that they are well ahead of its nearest competitor, Tri-Alpha, despite the latter's much [...]